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» What Can I Do about Air Pollution?
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What Can I Do about Air Pollution?

Air pollution is a problem that is all around us, so it can seem like there is little that one person can do to make a difference. But in fact, there are things we can all do to reduce air pollution and its harm.

Limit your exposure

If possible, avoid the hottest part of the day for commuting or exercising outdoors.  Exercise increases your body's intake of air pollutants.

Avoiding excess air pollution can be aided with a little knowledge and planning.  Consider checking air quality alerts, and know what levels of pollution might be dangerous for your individual health status or planned activity level.

Having access to air quality alerts may be particularly useful if any of the following applies to you:

  • If you have a heart, lung or other health condition that makes you susceptible to air pollution,
  • If you exercise outdoors,
  • If you live near an area with high levels of air pollution.

Make less pollution

Turn off idle cars and trucks.  Car and truck exhaust make a significant contribution to air pollution, particularly to people directly in their vicinity.  Idle-reduction laws are being enacted by states and communities, including in Cleveland.

Build green, and run existing buildings green.  For example see the Affordable Green Housing Center, a project of Environmental Health Watch.

Protect your community

Hold industry and government accountable for safe clean air standards.  Scientifically-driven air quality standards can reduce pollution emissions and make the air safer, when applied to major emissions sources.